Male friends

...are a great pillar of my life. As crazy as it might sound, it's very comforting to have men in your life that just don't see you like that. I'm not trying to compare them to my female friends, which I love. But it's yet another feeling. It comfortable, never antagonistic, simple, even stupid at times but I love it. I love talking shit with them, eating and drinking like crazy (though they tend to have a better metabolic rhytm than I do), dancing far after midnight. I consider their opinion on men far more than the one of my female friends, because we tend to get lost in the details. "He sighed on that moment so that might mean that he's not over his ex and incidentally he might have a great oedipus complex..."... sometimes, "he's not that into you" is very comforting, especially when your own thoughts were full of threesomes and abducting aliens. I believe my friends have heard enough crazy things from me, anyway. Male friends, I love you to the depths of my heart!!!! 

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